TKD New Summer Taekwondo Uniform


In MOUNTAIN SNOW WHITE with Red Trim. The WHITE reflects the steadfast calm of a mountain, and unwavering purity of the wearer's dedication and commitment to the arts while the Red gives just a hint of danger. Much like how a towering snow-capped mountain can capture one's imagination as something both beautiful and peaceful and yet dangerous and challenging. Newly redesigned Summer Uniform in ARCTIC BLUE with White trim for those who want to beat the heat and stay as cool as sub-zero ice while training. You know you want one, resistance is futile. In a eye-catching VOLCANIC RED with White trim will definitely get you noticed in the summer heat. Stay cool with this new Summer Uniform, like a raging inferno, you can focus your burning passion to achieve a higher level of skill without fizzling out your own flame in the heat.

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